Why using our services

Placing rental and sale ads on ロサンゼルス不動産.net is completely free until the 30th of June 2010.

ロサンゼルス不動産.net is a website in Japanese for real estate ads, for all properties situated in Los Angeles County. In Japanese, ロサンゼルス means Los Angeles and 不動産 real estate.

Every year, a great number of Japanese people come to Los Angeles: students, workers and of course tourists. Some stay short periods, some stay long periods. Those who stay for long time rent or buy flats. A new type of rental began to become fashionable recently: a home rental for few days or few weeks. These tourists, wishing to experience the Los Angeles life and in search of authenticity, look for apartments to rent.

Few statistics about Japanese people living in Los Angeles:

  • Number of Japanese people staying for long term: 61336 people were living in Los Angeles in 2007 according to the Annual Report of Statistics on Japanese National Overseas published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. It is the 1st city for Japanese people concentration in the world. In the USA, the number of Japanese people reached 374732 persons. Los Angeles stands for about 16.4% of all the USA.
  • Number of Japanese people coming in the USA in 2008: 3.2 million. More than 2.5 million Japanese people came for tourism and leisure while 700,000 came for business. 286,000 Japanese people visited Los Angeles.

You have a property in Los Angeles to rent or to sell ? Propose it on ロサンゼルス不動産.net .

Looking for roommates ? You are a host family and wish to accommodate a Japanese person ? It is also possible on ロサンゼルス不動産.net. When you place your rental ad, you can indicate that information.

For each ad, you will be able to upload up to 10 pictures without any added fee. If you have a video presenting your property, you can upload it to Youtube and we will publish it on ロサンゼルス不動産.net, also for free. A Google map will be automatically included in the ad. This service will not be charged either. Then what do you pay ? You only pay for placing your ad. For further information about our rates, please read the Individual page or the Real Estate Agency page according to your situation.

If you rent your property, you will be able to indicate the disponibility periods.

After publication, the users of ロサンゼルス不動産.net will be informed of the publication of your ad through RSS feed and by e-mail.